master2009 MASTER (Meteoroid and Space Debris Terrestrial Environment Reference) is a software that can be used to analyze space debris flux and spatial densities. The following sources of debris are considered: launch and mission-related objects, explosion and collision fragments, solid rocket motor slag and dust, NaK droplets, surface degradation products, ejecta, and meteoroids. MASTER can deliver flux and spatial density analysis for all epochs between 1957 and 2060. For all epochs, the lower size threshold is one micron. The analysis of the future debris environment is possible based on three different future scenarios (business as usual, intermediate mitigation, full mitigation). The MASTER-2009 software is delivered on a DVD, together with extensive documentation of the underlying models. The software is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOS X.


proof2009 PROOF (Program for Radar and Observation Forecasting) is a software for the simulation of radar- and telescope-based space debris observations. It is delivered together with the MASTER-2009 software. It can be applied for the validation of space debris models like MASTER against observation data. Another use is the planning of debris observation campaigns, including the derivation of neccessary sensor parameters. PROOF-2009 has been applied in the course of the MASTER-2009 validation process to properly interpret debris observations performed by the ESA Space Debris Telescope, the Liquid Mirror Telescope, the Tracking and Imaging Radar, the Goldstone, and the Haystack Radar. With the new version of PROOF, a simulation of multistatic radar observations, and of phased array radars is now possible. The software is available for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and MacOS X.

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